Lancashire’s Leading Virtual Executive Personal Assistant

Virtual Executive PA services that convert your time into money to help your business grow and reach its full potential. We are Your Mary Poppins of The Office. 


Backed by years of experience working with B2B and B2C organisations, Viessentially was founded in 2016. Our goal is simple; to make your life easier by providing virtual Extraordinary Sales Focused Executive Personal Assistant services that ensure your business runs smoothly and is not missing out on opportunities to grow. 

You can finally have the time to drive your business to the next level, by using Viessentially’s corporate time-saving experience. With the highly commercial mindset of Viessentially, spotting and creating opportunities for business development can become a driving factor for profitability, and our full diary management and customer liaison services enhance the customer experience.
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Find out the true cost of your time now with our time vs money calculator. 

Are you getting weighed down with boring administration work? Often time that could be spent working on increasing sales or marketing your business gets tied up with paperwork. That’s where Viessentially can help.

Guided by quality and client ambition, we work with you as an engaged and reliable, commercially minded administrative and office support provider, with specialisms that include supporting the growth agenda of your business and driving value to your bottom line. We free you from the critical tasks that struggle to add value to your business.


Providing You with Extraordinary Sales Focused Virtual Executive Personal Assistant Services.

Taking away the pain of all admin

Feel like you’ve no spare time

Need to be out seeing more clients

Would love a sales-focused assistant

Or wish you could have a mini-me


"Viessentially makes you raise your ambition and actually helps you achieve the high results by very precise guidance when it comes to sophisticated business development projects, even if you think your method is already perfect."

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